SEO optimization for search engines?
It’s not enough to have a nice website; people have to find it as well

  • we think about SEO from the very first step of website creation
  • structure, titles, texts, URL, UX, responsiveness, and fast servers
  • Google Maps, social media, SSL certificates, Page speed optimization

All this is an integral part of proper SEO optimization

Why is SEO
so important?

Creating a website or an eshop is just the first step to success. In order for the website to generate profit, your customers have to find it first.

And this is exactly what the SEO optimization of your website is here for

Most people use search engines such as Google or Seznam to look up companies over the internet. If your website isn’t on the first page after entering “bathroom reconstruction Prague”, most people will never discover your website even if you’re the best mason in the world.

SEO optimization
already during the creation
of the website

SEO is a collection of many substeps. It is a multidisciplinary process that has to be considered already before creating your website. Each website creation is preceded by a thorough SEO analysis.

Search engines prefer fast and safe websites with SSL certificates, efficient servers with fast response times, responsive design which is also adapted for tablets and mobile phones. However, it won’t suffice without thought-out web semantics and a properly selected structure of URL addresses.

You can rely that with us, all these SEO parameters are of course a part of the website.

SEO analysis
of your website

Aren’t you appearing in the search results of the Google or Seznam search engines as much as you imagined you would? The problem can be in a whole range of factors.

On-page factors such as texts, title structure, meta tags or internal links are important.

Off-page factors such as linkbuilding or linkbaiting can play a big role.

The programming as such should not be overlooked. Website speed, sitemap, SSL certificates, or URL structure.

We will evaluate your website and advise how to improve it. We can as well take care of SEO for you altogether.

social media

Facebook is a phenomenon in and of itself and a great deal of people spends time on it. Then why not promote yourself over Facebook?

Advertise your services, let people know about new products, ask the fans about their opinion, and let the awareness about your company spontaneously spread.

Do you know that over Facebook, you can target customers much more precisely and at the fraction of the costs in comparison to e.g. a newspaper? Or that Facebook is an integral part of a successful website’s SEO optimization?

Google Adwords

Certain positions in Google or Seznam search results can be bought. The purchase is done through a special auction system and a whole deal of factors influences the final ad price. If set correctly, though, it can be a very interesting source of new customers that probably wouldn’t have otherwise found your eshop.

The contents of the ad themselves, the graphic form, or the allocation of the campaign in time have an influence on the result.

We will advise you on when SEO is more appropriate and when paid advertisement is more beneficial for you.


SEO analysis of your website from 390 €
Keywords analysis from 390 €
Complete on-page optimization from 890 €
Off-page optimization and linkbuilding 45 € / Hour
Advisory services on marketing and e-commerce 45 € / Hour
All prices without VAT
Would you like to receive an exact price offer?
Foreign markets?
With us, it’s easier than you think!
Foreign markets?
With us, it’s easier than you think!

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