Professional creation of websites
with their own administration

  • flawless creation of custom-tailored websites with their own administration
  • website created in several languages at once
  • easy editing of texts, price lists, pictures, and galleries
  • we will provide custom-tailored, one-of-a-kind graphics to your web site 
  • the websites we created are fully responsive to computers, tablets and mobile phones as well
  • it is easy to add your own categories and subsections in our CMS


What is included in the websites at base price?

Modern web design
Tablets & Smartphones
Photo gallery
Video section
Slideshow banner
On-line chat
Visits statistics
Foreign languages
Category creation
Contact form
Google Maps
30 email accounts
Fulltext search
Receive newsletters
Social network buttons
Google Adwords
SSL security
Basic search engine optimization
Marketing tools
And much more...

with administration

Do you need a website with administration so that you can change the text, add a subsection, or upload new photos at any time when you need to? 

Would your website to contain a guestbook, your own blog, a reservation form and would you like to manage it from your pc or tablet?

With us, it’s no problem at all! Each and every edit is easy and takes just a few clicks.


Our administration system is from the ground up designed to allow you to manage websites in several languages, and on several domains at once.

Everything is though out to the last detail. Not only are the website texts themselves translated into other languages, but the URL addresses and important SEO optimization attributes are translated as well.

Impressive websites
tablets and phones

Nicely done graphics by themselves are not enough. Their spot-on coding is important as well so that the website properly represents you on the internet.

Our coders will see to it that nothing protrudes or becomes jumbled, that the websites look just as good on tablets and mobile phones; which are becoming more and more popular for web browsing by hundreds of percents each year.

We always place emphasis on quality responsive design for all types of devices.


Professional graphic web design from 590 €
Website creation according to a graphic draft from 990 €
Programming custom-tailored modules 45 € / Hour
Advisory services on marketing and e-commerce 45 € / Hour
All prices without VAT
Would you like to receive an exact price offer?
Foreign markets?
With us, it’s easier than you think!
Foreign markets?
With us, it’s easier than you think!

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