Custom-built e-shop and
for millions of customers all over Europe

  • Professional creation of a custom-built e-shop
  • A unique system will allow you to operate your e-shop in several countries at once
  • One e-shop, one administration but more domains, languages and currencies
  • Automatic connection to accounting software and price comparison websites in individual countries
  • Easy one-click provision of data to spedition companies
  • Comprehensive stock inventory and price administration for individual countries.
  • Various data exports and data imports
  • Detailed sales statistics based on tens of various parameters
  • Discount coupons, automatic emails, credit card payments, complaint management and tens of other functions


Your new e-shop will by default contain

Photo galleries, videos and more...
Product parameters
Photo gallery
Product cloning
Availability control
Similar products
easily and comprehensively
Everything in one place
Delivery control
Automatic control
Automatic emails
Discount voucher
Query management
Customer registration
Wholesale prices
Business representatives
Category creation
Access rights
Export & Import
Credit card payment
Social networks

More eshops,
one administration

and one price!

Did you know you can open an eshop in several EU countries at once? Have you got an eshop established in the Czech Republic with a cz domain? Wouldn’t it be a pity not to have it in Slovakia, Poland, or Germany as well?

Our entire system is from the ground up prepared for it. You can approach customers in many countries at once with just a minimal investment!

The eshop will itself be checking the prices and product availability in individual areas. The customers interact with the eshop in their native language and currency. URL addresses, automatic emails, discount coupons, SEO optimization for search engines, various transporters in the specific countries.  Yes, all this from a single DevelArt eshop.


Orders coming from all eshops, regardless of whether they’re from Czech, Poland, or Germany are comprehensibly visible in one place. You can further filter them based on individual countries, individual eshops, and types of transport or payments. You can assign various statuses to orders and thus always keep a perfectly clear overview.

However, don’t worry, you won’t face any uncertainties. 

The target country, whether the payment is on collection or by credit card, and which transporter will carry out the shipment are being checked automatically. It’s just one click and all the information is automatically provided to the designated transporters without you having to check it personally.

Easy shipment tracking

In the Czech Republic, shipments are sent with the Czech post, Intime spedition and, in Slovakia the shipments are sent with Intime and; in Poland it’s for example done with DPD.

Do you quickly need to check the status of shipments that are being delivered? All you need is one click!

Yes, even though you’re dealing with various transporters from various states all over Europe, to see which shipments were already delivered, which are currently on the way, and which are still in your warehouse awaiting pickup, all you need to do is to press one button. Yes, with us, it’s this simple!

stock inventory
and prices

If you operate several eshops in many countries, it is of course vital to have a perfect overview of stock inventory, prices, sales, or discounts in each of them.

You will find all these important information in one place, comprehensibly located in the inventories section. Furthermore, the system keeps track of many things 24/7 so you don’t have to. Is there one last item on stock and it’s been sold in your Polish eshop? The change will immediately be reflected by the other eshops and your customer will always see the current actual availability.

Was an item returned because the consignee did not collect it? It is immediately added to the stock inventory at once and in all the countries!


With us, you have a perfect overview of your sales; our integrated statistics provide maximum information. Feel free to compare sales in individual countries, categories, compare the favorite shipment option or payment condition.

Do you sell eyeglasses? Did the blue ones or the red ones perform better before Christmas? And what about springtime – are glasses with white frames sold more? Do you sell handbags? Do you sell more pieces made of leather or textile?

The optimally designed database system can filter based on essentially every parameter in the eshop.


Eshop administration will save you a lot of work during export and import.

Do you need to load individual orders into an accounting program you use to print invoices? Do you want to load the current stock inventory or jointly change the prices in many countries at once?

Or would you like to send information about individual shipments to transporters without having to pointlessly fill in addresses, delivery conditions or the amount to be collected on delivery?

All this, as well as many other automatic data transfers, are taken care of by the eshop.


Custom-tailored graphic draft of the eshop from 590 €
Eshop creation 1990 €
Second language version of the eshop free
Every other language version 290 €
Eshop administration and hosting 10 € / Month
Programming custom-tailored modules 45 € / Hour
Advisory services on marketing and e-commerce 45 € / Hour
All prices without VAT
Would you like to receive an exact price offer?
Foreign markets?
With us, it’s easier than you think!
Foreign markets?
With us, it’s easier than you think!

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