Foreign markets?
With us, it’s easier than you think!

  • Expand with us to other EU markets
  • Professionally translated multilingual websites
  • Multi-currency eshops
  • Foreign marketing
  • Professional customer support
  • Logistics

Germany, Austria, Poland, or Slovakia

With us, expanding to the surrounding markets is easier than you think. We have many years of experience with creating multilingual eshops as well as with promotion of companies on foreign markets.

Except for Germany or Austria, we specialize on Central Europe, especially on Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. However, developing your business in other parts of Europe is not a problem for us.

An eshop
and a website

After several years of development, we’ve created a specialized eshop solution and a presentation website creation system that are able to approach and service customers in several countries at once.

As a result, the many different language versions are easy to manage and you incur many times lower costs in comparison with paying for website creation in each target country individually.

Foreign markets expertise

We don’t only offer website and eshop creation, we offer our many years worth of experience with the regions of Middle Europe and Western Europe.

For years, we’ve managed eshops and company websites in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and in Poland. Now we’re adding Germany or Austria, and Hungary as well. We are aware of the local practices, and optimal marketing channels. We know the preferred payment methods, price comparison websites, and local competition.


Beyond language and inadequate knowledge of the local situation, logistics and the high costs tied to them is a common barrier to enter the market. We are able to assist you with this issue as well. We have experience with the local transporters; we have connected our eshop directly to the logistics companies system, and are able to handle cash on delivery payments in various currencies.

We can also offer transshipment of your bulk shipments via our Czech or German centers, from where the goods will be shipped to individual customers at much lower rates.

Customer support

We cooperate with a team of native speakers and highly qualified translators. Hence we are able to offer excellent support to customers on your eshop, answer various questions regarding the services you offer and resolve potential complications or non-standard requirements.

Provides professional email communication and telephonic customer support.

Market research

Would you like to gauge your chances to succeed when entering new markets? Do you need to map your competition or prepare a marketing mix? Are you lost in the legislation or accounting regulations of a country and are in need of professional assistance?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Your first consultation is completely free



Managing websites in a foreign language 25 € / Hour
Customer support 25 € / Hour
Professional translations 25 € / Page
Advisory services on marketing and e-commerce 45 € / Hour
All prices without VAT
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